cryptic scenery - about this site

this site serves as primary source of information for my musical projects - cryptic scenery, the organisation of sound and the music i am releasing under my own name. i have decided to choose a very minimalist approach to designing this site - it is about artistic content rather than trying to establish myself as web designer (which i am not). this is there to spread the word about the doings of cryptic scenery et al. i aim to update this site regularly, so that this will be the place where you can get to know all that interests you (or does not...) concerning my music.

'mostly words serve as limitations', but, to provide a loose characterisation of the music, the following categories might be helpful: minimal, independent, ambient, experimental, ethereal. so you know if you're looking for 'swelling balls guitar rock', this might not be the most appropriate place for it - sorry!

if you want to remain up-to-date on cryptic scenery's doings, may i suggest you subscribe to the newsletter.

thanks for your interest, remember everything is - and stay tuned!

christian h. sötemann